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Representative Puppolo's highlighted accomplishments:
Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.
has been a strong, independent leader who has been working for our best interest. He has consistently stood up and fought for important issues, and will always put the district first.


Promoted to Chairman, House Committee on Technology and Intergovernmental Affairs.


Angelo successfully fought for additional Chapter 70 education monies for the Springfield and East Longmeadow public school systems and for the Hampden-Wilbraham Regional School System.

Representative Puppolo has and continues to serve on key Legislative Committees.
In just his first term, Angelo was appointed to serve on the Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy; the Committee on Health Care Financing; and the Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development. Additionally, Angelo was appointed to the Special Commission to End Homelessness, and has been working to address the problem with other government officials, community leaders, stakeholders, and Governor Patrick's Administration. Angelo also has served on the Committee of Municipalities and Regional Government. 


Angelo has also served as a member of the powerful Committee on Ways and Means, the Committee on Judiciary, and the Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure. He has also served as the Vice-Chairman of the House Committee on Personnel and Administration. Angelo currently serves in House Leadership as the Vice-Chairman of the Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight and is a member of the Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure and the Committee on Labor and Workforce Development.

State Representative, Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr., has been working closely with Dr. Samuel Z. Goldhaber and several doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and patients from his district, and from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston to bring heightened awareness and education about this disease. Representative Puppolo has filed a bill that will permanently declare November Thrombosis Awareness Month in Massachusetts.
We are so impressed with your hard work and dedication... You gave us an opportunity to educate the citizens and health care professionals in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and we look forward to continuing to work with you on thrombosis-related projects. 

Best regards, 
Dr. Samuel Z. Goldhaber.

Representative Puppolo has fought for increased local aid and continued uncapping of the lottery funding, which means returning more local aid to his district.

Angelo has worked with the Speaker of the House and Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee on budget priorities and funding for projects in his district. He's sat down with leadership and various House and Senate Chairpersons on many occasions -
always pushing for more money and legislation that are important for the 12th Hampden District.

Representative Puppolo has worked to continue the progress the Legislature has made on health care reform and was
named Legislator of the Month by the Massachusetts Medical Society for his work on health care reform and the doctor recruitments and retention legislation that he filed. 

Angelo has
fought hard for improved educational programs, legislation, and school building projects that are making our elementary and higher educational systems stronger both for students and teachers. 
He knows the value of education, and the importance of a positive learning environment. He continues to work with the Department of Education on critical initiatives and funding proposals. 

Representative Puppolo has
worked to reduce crime and is a strong supporter of public safety issues and legislation that is making our streets and neighborhoods safer. Angelo is a solid supporter of the both local police and fire departments, as well as, the Massachusetts State Police and Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts. Angelo has supported additional funding for municipal police training grants, the Shannon anti-gang grants, additional services at the Department of Youth Services (DYS), $15.2 million for the State Police Crime Lab, and reducing recidivism rates at the Department of Corrections. 

supports economic development and job creation in our district and Commonwealth. He has worked with Governor Patrick on business retention and expansion programs and development projects.

Representative Puppolo has been
a consistent supporter of our senior citizens. He's strongly supported legislation and increased funding for treatment at home programs, increased senior health benefits, and lower costs of living. Angelo knows our seniors are an important resource in the community, and is committed to helping our seniors in any way possible. He's successfully fought for increased funding for the Enhanced Community Options Program which provides services to allow seniors to remain in there homes and get the care they need. He supported continuous open enrollment for Prescription Advantage.  And supported local nutrition programs, increased protective services for casework and crisis intervention, increased the personal needs allowance, and supported providing grant monies received by Councils on Aging. 

continues to be a strong supporter of our veterans and legislation which benefits our veterans -- he supported $18.1 million for annuity payments to certain veterans and their families, and supported additional money for veterans benefits payments to indigent veterans.

Representative Puppolo
supported key legislation that allowed cities and towns to join the Commonwealth's health insurance programs and retirement system as a way to drive down costs and provide more stability for communities - thus reducing the burden on local budgets and providing a mechanism for cities and towns to get relief and to ultimately save money. 

Angelo was a
key supporter of the sweeping Identity Theft Legislation which is critically important and designed to enable residents to better combat identity theft, and to protect their personal information.  Prior to this legislation, Massachusetts residents had little recourse and limited protection from identity thieves. This legislation requires that businesses and government agencies better protect the personal information of citizens of the Commonwealth by including the requirement to destroy paper documents and electronic media containing personal information before disposal, and it also allows all consumers to freeze their credit report in order to stop new accounts from being opened fraudulently in their name. 

Representative Puppolo was a
co-sponsor of the Sales Tax Holiday legislation in August and continues to support legislation and initiatives that will benefit consumers.

Representative Puppolo successfully worked to pass key legislation to help prevent foreclosures on homeowners, joining an effort to deal with a crisis sparked by a spate of risky home loans. The bill tightens regulations in the foreclosure industry in Massachusetts, and earmarks money collected from new fees to enforce a new licensing system for certain mortgage peddlers and money to pay for counseling centers in communities with high numbers of foreclosures. 

Angelo also is a
co-sponsor of legislation aimed at revamping the auto insurance industry. This Legislation was filed with Representative Antonio Cabral and is important to protecting consumer rates, rate factors, price increases, and competition. The legislation is fair to both consumers and insurance agents and is viewed by many as critically important as the industry moves forward in Massachusetts.



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“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” 
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